Underneath the Mask by Jessica Lowndes

It's my hope that every girl who watches this makes their own video and challenges their friends to do the same #takeyourmakeupoffchallenge

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Jessica Lowndes prank featured in Vogue!

Jessica was featured in Vogue for her prank with Jon Lovitz! Check it out!

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8 Sexy Shots of Jessica Lowndes

Check out 8 sexy shots of Jessica Lowndes featured on

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Jessica Lowndes Nominated for Canada's Most Beautiful Stars

Jessica Lowndes has been nominated for Canada's Most Beautiful Stars 2015 and could use your help! Check out the link below and make sure to vote for Jessica to advance to the next round!

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Jessica Lowndes Yahoo Deadly Adoption Interview

Check out Jessica Lowndes' interview with Yahoo! for the Lifetime original movie, A DEADLY ADOPTION

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Jessica Lowndes Fox Interview

Jessica Lowndes stirred up serious trouble for her co-stars Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig in Lifetime’s “A Deadly Adoption” as an obsessive fan looking for revenge. The “90210” star spoke to FOX411 about filming the Lifetime movie of a lifetime. 

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Jessica Lowndes SPOTLIGHT ON Interview

For those of you that missed out on Jessica's live stream of her Afterbuzz Spotlight On interview, you can watch the interview in full here! 

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Tomorrow at 12pm (PST) Jessica will be on featured on AFTERBUZZ SPOTLIGHT ON! The interview will air LIVE at noon, so make sure to set your alarms. You can watch the stream here:

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Jessica Lowndes E! Online Interview

It's been little over a month since Jessica Lowndes released the music video for "Silicone in Stereo," the first single from her still-untitled debut album. "I've been waiting for a long time to get new music out," the former 90210 actress, 25, explains to E! News. "The response has been good and I'm just excited."

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Buzzfeed's Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Jessica Lowndes

What’s your wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?
The wallpaper currently on my phone is a picture of cake! I went to this place called Cake Mix (which is similar to color me mine but with cake!

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