Jessica Lowndes E! Online Interview

Posted on October 14, 2014 in Interviews, Online

It's been little over a month since Jessica Lowndes released the music video for "Silicone in Stereo," the first single from her still-untitled debut album. "I've been waiting for a long time to get new music out," the former 90210 actress, 25, explains to E! News. "The response has been good and I'm just excited."

The music video was directed Frank Flowers. As the L.A.-based singer-songwriter says, it represents her "struggle to stay pure and virtuous in a really crazy town that can often consume you if you're not careful. I think that's where I got the idea for the body paint in the shower. For me, it's cool because I haven't signed a record deal or a label or anything like that, and I look at the video and all my closest friends are in it. My little sister is the one giving people Botox by the pool. Everyone came together."
In a city that's often described as superficial, how does Lowndes stay grounded? "I'm really fortunate to have an awesome family and good friends who surround me," she says. "None of that [partying lifestyle] really appeals to me. Obviously, I've been singing longer than acting, and for the first single, it was kind important to me to kind of put out my thoughts and [have it be] an honest representation of how I feel."

Lowndes released her first EP, Nothing Like This, in 2012. After 90210 went off the air in May 2013, the musician says she wanted to take her time developing her sound. "I can't wait for everyone to hear this whole album. I worked really hard on it," Lowndes says. "I think people are going to be really surprised."

She adds, "It's a side of me that people haven't really seen."

"I write all the time—if I'm happy, if I'm sad, whatever mood I'm in," says Lowndes, who also plays piano. "It feels so amazing to take whatever experience you're going through and put it into music."
Will there be any collaborations on the album? "I'm not really allowed to say anything quite yet because we're still figuring it out all out, but I would love to work with Drake. That's a dream of mine—a fellow Canadian! I'm a really big fan of Disclosure as well," she says. 90210's Shenae Grimes used to work with Drake, so there's a chance it could happen. "I know! I know! Back in the day on Degrassi," Lowndes says.

Lowndes hopes to release her next single in late November or early December.

Making an album on her own has been both terrifying and liberating. "Having the creative freedom and being able to put out music when I want is awesome, but then it's also me funding the entire thing and hoping people receive it well. Especially this song, because 'Silicone in Stereo' is about being brave enough to always know who you are and remain true to your best self," Lowndes says. "You have to really listen to the lyrics to fully understand that, so I was kind of nervous not knowing how people were going to take it or if they were going to understand that side to it. Luckily, people got what I was trying to say! I can't wait to start doing live performances around L.A. That's kind of the next step right now."
Lowndes has been shooting ABC's Motive in Vancouver. "In between projects I'm definitely going to be doing some live performances, and then I'd love to go on tour," the star reveals. "It's a dream of mine."

Jessica Lowndes E! Online Interview