'90210' Star Jessica Lowndes joins 'Eden' Cast

90210 star Jessica Lowndes will be the female lead in Eden, the survival thriller from Ombra Films that stars actor-turned-producer Nate Parker. Lowndes will join Ethan Peck and Diego Boneta in a story set in motion when a soccer team’s plane crashes on a deserted island. Team spirit evaporates as disagreements both petty and profound cause the group to separate into factions, and soon sharks, abandoned Japanese mines and starvation are the least of the survivors’ worries as a Lord of the Flies mentality takes hold.

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Jessica Lowndes, Rebecca Romijn and Jayma Mays Join 'Larry Gaye'

90210 star Jessica Lowndes, Glee’s Jayma Mays and Rebecca Romijn have joined the cast of the indie Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant.

The movie, currently shooting, sees Mark Feuerstein as a  womanizing flight attendant who is hit with the news that he has an adolescent son and that his job may be in jeopardy.

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"The Devil's Carnival" Movie Review — 4.5 out of 5 stars

Once you enter The Devil's Carnival, you may never want to leave.

The new musical from director Darren Lynn Bousman and writer Terrance Zdunich is captivating like your favorite record is. "You can't help but fall" isn't simply a recurring phrase; it should be one of the film's 666 rules. Make no mistake about it, you'll fall into this Carnival, and you'll have a bloody blast.

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In All My Dreams I Drown

Check out "In All My Dreams I Drown" - My duet from Darren Lynn Bousman's The Devils Carnival.

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The Devil's Carnival Theatrical Trailer

Full version of The Devil's Carnival Theatrical Trailer available now!

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The Devil's Carnival Trailer

Jessica Lowndes and @Marc Senter star in Darren Lynn Bousman's goth musical The Devils Carnival - check out the trailer!

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